Karnataka: CM orders school mid-term holidays from October 12 to 30 - Mahanayaka

Karnataka: CM orders school mid-term holidays from October 12 to 30


Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa on Sunday ordered a three-week mid-term holiday for all types of school activities in the state from October 12 to 30 in the wake of many teachers having contracted coronavirus.

“I have come to know through the media about many teachers contracting Covid-19 infection, so keeping in mind the health of teachers and students, I have directed senior officials to issue an order declaring mid-term holiday for three weeks from October 12 to 30,” Yediyurappa said in a statement.

The Chief Minister noted that in the backdrop of Covid-19 infections, orders have already been issued not to open schools for the time being and to halt Vidyagama programme, which enabled continued schooling to government school students by teachers visiting their vicinities.

The government had earlier this month cancelled mid-term holidays, scheduled between October 3 to 26, for schools in the state for the year 2020-21.


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